Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Technology Training

I am a huge fan of technology and believe for BC to prosper into the future, our schools need to be updated with cutting edge technology.  We need to follow India and China's leads to start our children programming at an early age.

This is a lofty goal and will be something I will continue to push forward.  In the meantime, our city is rife with an abundance of free training.  I myself will be co-presenting at an event on Feb 25, 2013.  Anyone can attend and it is free.  The session is:

Neo4J 101: What it is, How to Get Started and Whispr, a Case Study

An incredible opportunity to hear Neo Technology's Pernilla Lindh provide an overview and introduction for Neo4J. Pernilla is a Community Manager with Neo Technologies, the company behind Neo4J, the world's most popular graph database. Pernilla self describes herself as "An Hippie-Information Architect who works with graph databases, will save the world through technology and open data" which will resonate well with Vancouverites.

Attendees will also be provided with a business decision for using Neo4J.  This will be in the form of an overview of Whispr. is a Decision Management and Analysis platform supporting RACI/DACI models that is built on Neo4J and the reasons why Neo4J was chosen will be illustrated.

Finally, there will be an overview of how to get started with Neo4J and then provide code samples.

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